BJP daydreaming in Delhi: Virbhader Singh

Dec 01, 2013 20:48 | Poltics

Addressing election rallies in favour of Congress candidates for the Delhi Vidhan Sabha elections, at various places in Delhi, Industries and Information & Public Relations Minister Shri Mukesh Agnihotri today said that the people of Delhi have lost trust in BJP and had no issues to speak except pin-pointing on the development works undertaken by Smt. Sheila Dixit’s Government during last 15 years.

The Minister met various Himachali Associations and addressed election meetings at Tilaknagar, Gol Market, Lodhi Road, Janakpuri, Parpar Ganj etc for seeking support for Congress candidates in the coming Vidhan Sabha elections. Being In-charge of the above areas, Shri Agnihotri said that BJP had pressed its big-wigs in Delhi to mislead voters who were making hollow promises. He said that during 15 years of Congress regime, Delhi had witnessed unprecedented development in all spheres of life. Today, Delhi is connected with metro trains, flyovers, better road facilities, uninterrupted water supply etc,  which had made the life of common man much comfortable, said he.

Shri Agnihotri said that the BJP, backed by RSS, was seeking votes on narrow consideration by raising slogans based on region and religion and the people of Delhi wont accept Modi’s governance, as being projected by BJP as its Prime Ministerial candidate. He said that the people of Delhi and their interests were secure in the hands of Congress. He said that the BJP was making promises of opening fast track courts in Delhi seeming unaware of the facts that fast track courts were already functional. He said that people of Delhi were wise enough to judge which leadership can deliver the goods in better way and safeguard their interests for better living.

Shri Kewal Singh Pathania, Vice Chairman, Himachal Pradesh Forest Development Corporation who was also camping in Delhi while addressing public meetings at Rohni and Karari urged the people to vote in favour of Congress Party which has given a lot and had made many sacrifices for the sake of the country. He said that time had come when one had to choose between good and the bad. He said that the Congress was likely to make sweep in all the five States where elections were being held. He said that it was impossible for BJP to root-in the citadel of Delhi’s Chief Minister and they should stop day dreaming.