Illicit trade of drugs unearthed in Haryana

Mar 02, 2014 19:07 | Haryana

Chandigarh, March 2 - In a major crackdown against abuse of medical intoxicants in Haryana, Food and Drugs Administration has unearthed a racket of illicit diversion and transportation of codeine, a cough syrup manufactured and sold by a multinational pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories Ltd. Also, more than two lakh bottles of a popular cough syrup ‘Phensedyl Cough Lictus’ worth more than one Crore supplied by its manufacturing company to a Hisar based wholesaler firm M/s  J.P. Medicose were found to have been diverted to Bangladesh illegally by the firm in connivance with another non functional Bhiwani based  medicine wholesaler.

While stating this today, a spokesperson of FDA said that investigations by the FDA officers revealed that the huge quantities of this cough syrup were supplied by the company directly to the Hisar based dealer who had further shown to have supplied the entire stocks to a Bhiwani based unlicensed medicine trader whose licenses were expired in 2008. The entire sales were found to have been made to this Bhiwani based firm without any supply order and shown to have been made against cash payment.

He said that on further investigations by the FDA it was found that the entire sale was fake as the firm to whom sales have been made was nonexistent. FIR under various provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act 1985 has been got registered against the Hisar based firm and its owner at Hisar Police Station for illicit transshipment of more than 40 kg Codeine in view of the fact that the case of illicit transshipment of the medicine was under investigation with the DRI West Bengal as per the correspondence by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence KOLKATA West Bengal with M/s J.P. Medicose  Hisar regarding illegal diversion and smuggling of Phensedyl Cough Lictus  to Bangladesh which were seized by DRI Berhampore (West Bengal). The licensed premises of the firm have also been sealed by the department.

The spokesperson said that further investigations in to the case led to the surfacing of another supply of 1.5 lakh bottles of this cough syrup PHENSEDYL by the multinational company to another Ambala based medicine trader M/S Laxmi Drugs Store Nicholson Road Ambala who also siphoned off the entire stocks illicitly and prepared fake documents to have sold to a wholesaler who never purchased even a single bottle of this product. The department has also registered FIR against this firm and its owner under the NDPS Act and provisions of IPC 1860 and has sealed its licensed premises. The cases are further investigated by the FDA officers to expose and nab the others involved in the crime.

He said that FDA Officers Ambala  in another case detected that Mumbai base Pharmaceutical company Wockhart had supplied huge quantities (One Core Capsules) of a frequently abused  another psycho active medicine popularly sold under the brand name ‘PROXYVON’ for relieving acute pain to a Rohtak based wholesaler M/s Bathala Medicose against  written orders and cheque payments. Government of India had banned the manufacture and sale of medicines/formulations containing Dextropropoxyphene and its salts in view of the rampant misuse of this drug formulation with effect from May 23, 2013. Pharmaceutical company Wockhartz was booked by the FDA Maharashtra for having manufactured and sold this drug in violations to the statutory provisions.  Keeping in view the fact that Codeine and Dextro propoxyphene being Narcotic Drugs and are covered under the provisions of NDPS Act 1985 and rampantly abused for intoxication purposes especially in border areas of the State, the FDA had already undertaken extensive drive against the menace and had confiscated huge stocks in last two years and culprits were booked under the NDPS Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act as well as Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940. Subsequent to the crackdown against these medical intoxicants in the State the department succeeded by and large in curbing illegal sale of such medicines for intoxication purposes.