No to Dharmashala for IPL matches

Apr 04, 2014 14:42 | Poltics

Oh-- No….Dharamsala omitted in IPL 14---Kings XI preferred Cuttuck over Dharamshala  

No response over the securities cover b HP Police is he major cause of omission :Marwaha

HP Governments attitude, deleted the venue :HPCA

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )April 4 , 2014

IPL 2014—the Indian phase of the tournament has been announced …. The biggest surprise is the omission of Dharamshala in this circuit.the other two cities which got a back kick are  Raipur and Jaipur and  Ranchi having been preferred over Kochi as Chennai Super Kings' second home. The IPL authorities have said that the changes were made due to lack of security assurances from some of the state governments.

Dharamsala, the picturesque venue in Himachal Pradesh that had emerged as Punjab's second home venue over the years, does not find a slot in this season's schedule. "Despite writing to the relevant police authorities twice and a HPCA representative meeting them in person for providing the requisite security cover for IPL games, they just didn't even bother to respond - either in affirmative or negative," said Vishal Marwaha, secretary of Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association. "This just shows that the state government just didn't want IPL matches to be played in Himachal."


As a result, Kings XI will play two of their home games in Cuttack, the home city of IPL chairman Biswal. According to Mohit Burman, a co-owner at Kings XI Punjab, the franchise had asked for Ahmedabad as the first alternative. "They had consulted us and even if Cuttack was not our preference we are happy," Burman said.


There is no immediate official reaction of the congress party in Himachal over the omission of Dharamshala as the venue of IPL 14, but the sources said that the party is of the view that the matches were shifted intentionally by Anuraag thakur President HPCA (who is also in the IPL management) to gain the political wait age in Lok Sabha election by putting the blame on Congress

The IPL starts on April 16 in the UAE, where 20 matches will be played, and shifts to India on May 2 with the final scheduled for June 1 in Mumbai.