Mankotia shows faith under Virbhader Singh leadership

Apr 08, 2014 19:26 | Poltics

Kangra:8 April 2014: Putting to rest all the  speculations, Major Vijay Singh Mankotia, prominent leader who holds sway amongst the  ex-servicemen of the State today said that the congress party has strengthened itself  under the leadership of Virbhadra Singh, the Chief Minister of the state, and he fully support the congress candidate contesting from kangra lok sabha constituency.

Major Mankotia was speaking in a function of the kangra rajput sabha today, in presence of chief minister, virbhadra singh.  Mankotia in his brief speech said that Chander kumar was a right choice and a strong candidate of congress and he will fully support him.

Lauding chief minister’s initiatives and policies for the overall development of the state, mankotia said that congress party was the only party which can ensure the welfare of all sections of the society and extended his support in favour of chander kumar.

Earlier, Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh while addressing public meeting in Shahpur and Chintpurni falling under kangra Lok Saha Constituency said that Shanta kumar was never concerned for the welfare of the people of the State while as  chief minister  or as a union minister. Taking a jibe,, Virbhadra Singh said that whenever the people of the State use to approach him for some personal work or otherwise Shanta kumar simply use to refuse straight away, saying                   ‘ ASAMBHAV’.

“”While being union minister, shanta never brought any such scheme for the state for which the people should remember him””, said the chief minister. He alleged that Shanta Kumar kept on airing the rumour of making Dharamsala town as Switzerland of the State, but the fact was that nothing was done in this regard, however he added that we should feel proud of the historical names of our country rather than renaming places of historical importance.

Virbhadra Singh while addressing the public said that Shanta Kumar was though a seasoned politician as opposite from Prem Kumar Dhumal. Taking a jibe at Prem Kumar Dhumal, chief minister said that it seems that dhumal landed in politics by fault. Dhumal don’t have any qualities of a seasoned and matured legislator. He asserted that dhumal was in a habit of speaking lies and whenever he (dhumal) was chief minister, he fabricated  false cases against him twice and in both the cases he was exonerated by the courts.

He said that the sins committed by prem kumar dhumal  during his chief ministership were now haunting him.  virbhadra singh said tha Dhumal  has cheated the people of the state by leasing out the valuable land worth crores on a lease for just One rupee, and he should answer to the people of the state regarding this and the benefits he gave to his son in HPCA episode.

Chief Minister said that the congress Government would complete its full term of five years. He said that Governments were formed in a constitutional manner in a democratic nation and not fall or made by aphorism of any single person. Dhumal is not canvassing for BJP, but for Modi as if he was his messiah, said the Chief Minister.

Chander Kumar, the lok sabha candidate from kangra Lok Sabha segment, MLA Rakesh Kalia and vice chairman of Forest Corporation also addressed the gathering on the occasion.