Kejriwal again attacked at Delhi

Apr 08, 2014 21:49 | Poltics

New Delhi: AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was today again attacked and slapped by an auto driver” Lalli” when he was doing a road show in Delhi.

This was the fifth incident where the Kejriwal was attacked or slapped and this also raises a question mark over the democratic system of the Country.

The attacker 38-year-old Lali, a resident of Aman Vihar, slapped Kejriwal at Sultanpuri left AAP leader with a swollen eye. He was beaten by the AAP supporters. The assailant garlanded Kejriwal and then slapped him.

Soon after the attack, Kejriwal questions that why he is attacked every time.: "I am just thinking - why am I being repeatedly attacked? Who are the masterminds? What do they want? What do they achieve?"

He questioned whether violence was an answer to the country's problems.