Congress never paid attention to poverty and corruption issues: Modi

May 02, 2014 18:14 | Poltics

Congress always invoke secularism to divert the people's attention from issues like corruption and price rise said by the BJP primeministrial candidate Narender Modi.

"The Congress party has always tried to divert the public from the main topics and evaded questions on corruption and price rise," Modi said at an election rally here.

"Whenever, I tried to raise the issues of employment and women empowerment, the Congress in retaliation starts taking about secularism to divert the people from the main topics," he said.

Modi also accused the Congress of being the main reason for the poor sanitary problem and the deterioration of the financial condition of the farmers in the state.

"The Congress party has always sought power. It does not have any intention to work for the welfare of the people. It is because of the lack of efforts made by the Congress, the state does not have proper sanitation system. The financial condition of farmers has also deteriorated," he said.