Ma Beta sarkar will go: Modi

May 05, 2014 17:05 | Poltics

Amethi: Campaigning for the BJP candidate Simriti Irani in Amethi the BJP prime ministerial candidate narender Modi said that the results of this election will upset the calculations of political pundits and the BJP will get the clear majority in the center. He said that so far people who have voted have already done a good job and they will help us to end this” Ma-Beta Sarkar”. The verdict is already out in the areas that have polled and people have voted against them.

He ask people to vote for Lotus so that development works shall starts.

We have not send the Smiriti to increase the problems of Rahul Gandhi. He himself is having lots of problems. But BJP has sent Smiriti to reduce your problems. You vote in favour  of Lotus and see how we will work together to work for the development.

"Your dreams are my dreams. For 40 years, one family has destroyed the dreams of three generations. I will ensure your dreams are fulfilled," he says. 

 Modi says he purposely chose Smriti to Amethi because it is among the least developed places in UP. "People here are asking for just basics -- water, electricity, toilets... you are not asking for a Mercedes car or a trip to the US," he says, latching on to the lack of development in the VVIP constituency.