Khaira questions recruitment process

Jul 07, 2014 18:06 | Punjab

Congress castigates the insensitive Badal govt., for abruptly canceling the two and half year recruitment process of 537 Jail Warders and 36 Matrons, without assigning any valid reason, terms it a cruel joke on lacs of unemployed youth, demands completion of recruitment :- Khaira

In a statement to press they highlight the problems of the unemployed youth. The press statement is published here,

The abrupt cancellation of more than two and half years recruitment process of 537 jail warders and 36 female matrons, involving approx. 1.5 lac unemployed youth is nothing but a most cruel joke played with their sentiments by an insensitive and draconian govt.

As we are aware, the process to recruit 537 warders and 36 matrons was first advertised on 25.10.2011. Keeping in view high magnitude of unemployment and frustration amongst the youth, approx. 1.30 lac boys had applied for 537 posts of jail warders, while more than 20 thousand girls applied for 36 posts of jail matrons. In other words, more than 242 boys applied for each post of a warder, which is nothing but equivalent to a mere constable of police, such grim is the unemployment scenario. It is also a matter of record, that there were thousands of post graduates and graduates who had applied for these ordinary jobs, indicating colossal unemployment amongst the educated youth. It is also pertinent to mention here, that recruitment to these posts in the jail department was taking place after a gap of 20 years since 1992.

            For this purpose, the SAD-BJP govt. had set up three boards in the state to complete the recruitment drive. More than 50,000 youth had appeared for physical trials by April 2012 itself and similarly, the said three boards had started the process to verify the educational degrees of the candidates. All this continued for well over two and half years consuming crores of public exchequer money, besides the fees paid by the applicants.

Sensing trouble and deceivement, the unemployed youth had formed a “sangarsh-committee” comprising of both boys and girls. The said “sangarsh-committee” was called to village Badal on 20th April 2014, on the eve of Lok Sabha polls, where the junior Badal promised them jobs in case they voted for the SAD-BJP candidates. Despite this fake assurance, they were left in the lurch and again met the Dy.CM on 11th and 18th June, at the SAD office in Chandigarh but to no avail.

            Then suddenly on 6th June 2014, the inefficient, insensitive and callous govt. wakes up to the issue a small public notice (copy attached) through one newspaper, that the recruitment process stands cancelled on administrative grounds. The govt. did not even think it appropriate to assign any valid reason, before canceling the process so abruptly. This devastating news struck the unemployed youth like the last nail in the coffin, as many would now never get an opportunity for a govt. job, due to being overaged.

             Therefore, after hearing the unending woes of these frustrated unemployed youth, Congress urges the Chief Minister to intervene and reinstate the process of recruitment of jail warders and matrons, without any further delay. Congress assures unflinching support to the “sangarsh-committee” in their crusade against injustice and warns the govt., not to rub salt on the wounds of needy unemployed youth.