Jan 05, 2015 20:15 | Poltics

Chandigarh, Monday, January 5th, 2015 (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):- Indian Army has launched a humanitarian venture viz. Ops Hausle Buland to help people of Samba, Hiranagar and Kathua Sector of J&K .It has
arisen to the occasion by providing succour to the affected people through planned activities.
 The Army’s Gurj Division of the Rising Star Corps has come forward spontaneously and wholeheartedly to provide relief material in terms of Ration, drinking water, toiletries, warm clothing and heating arrangements. Army Bomb Disposal Squads have been pressed into service to defuse unexploded Mortar Shells in the border villages and towns.
Army medical teams are visiting various relief camps to provide basic medical assistance to the needy.
It may be recalled that continuous unprovoked Cross Border Firing (CBF)  by Pakistan over the past two days in these civilian areas has rendered the people of border areas insecure and homeless. The civil
administration too has swung into action, and has established relief camps to provide necessary assistance to the people migrating from the border villages.