Himachal to Shiver more due to Western Disturbance

Feb 02, 2015 14:55 | Poltics

Himachal to Shiver more due to Western Disturbance (W.D) : Metrological Department

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma )

The Metrological Department in Himachal said that due to Yesterday’s

Western Disturbance (W.D) as an upper air cyclonic circulation over eastern parts of Afghanistan & adjoining Pakistan  shall bring Rain/Thundershowers at many places of Himachal with Snow at the places of most of high altitude . The department said that the WD become more effected  as it  extended  upto 3.1 km above mean sea level persists with a trough aloft upto mid­tropospheric level roughly along Long. 64.0°E and North of Lat.22.0°N.

It said that yesterday’s induced upper air cyclonic circulation over central Pakistan & neighbourhood now lies over southwest Rajasthan & neighbourhood and extends upto 1.5 km above mean sea level.

Another induced upper air cyclonic circulation lies over Punjab and neighbourhood at 1.5kn above mean sea level.

                                       State Daily Weather Bulletin  of the meteorological department of Himachal said that  precipitation occurred at isolated places over mid and high hills of the state during last 24 hrs.

Minimum temperatures increased by 1 to 20 C, no appreciable in Maximum temperatures during last 24 hrs.

The Lowest temperature recorded in the past 24 hrs was at Keylong (the head quarter of Lahoul and Spiti district) = -7.5°C and Highest at Berthin (Agro) = 22.5°C.

The state also experienced some Snowfall at the  Higher Reaches of Manali-21mm, Udaipur-10mm, Keylong-3mm and Kalpa & Moorang-3 mm each.

And the Rainfall recorded at  Manali-12 mm  , Sarahan-10mm , Tissa-8 mm, Mashobra-7mm, Kasol-6mm, Naina Devi-4mm, Bajaura & Kotkhai-3 mm each and Dharamshala & Kumarsain-2 mm each.

The minimum temperature recorded in others places of Himachal is Shimla4, Manali1, Dharamsala 4.4, Mandi 3.9, Bhunter 2, Keylong-7.5 and Kalpa -7.4 degree centigrade.

And the maximum was recorded as  5.7 degree c at  Dalhousie, 7.4 Manali, 14 Shimla, 14.6 Dharamsala, 19 Sundernagar and 19.7 Kangra

The dry weather is predicted from 4th Feb onwards