Ayurveda: cattering to basic health needs of people in Himachal

Feb 02, 2015 15:08 | Poltics

Indian systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy have played a vital role in the Health care system of the State of Himachal Pradesh from times immemorial.Endowed with enormous herbal wealth, the Himachal Governmnet is committed to exploit the traditional Indian medicinal assets2196 and is also taking necessary measures to conserve and promote the same.

Taking into consideration the tremendous passion Indians have for medicinal plants for wide range of health related ap          plications from a common cold to memory improvement and other related common home therapies, the State government has given new dimension to the Indian system of medicine and added priority to strengthen the Ayurveda infrastructure in the State.

With a motive to provide basic health care facility to the people of the state through its Ayurvedic Hospitals, Ayurvedic/ Homoeopathy/ Unani/ Amchi Health Centres located all over the state, cultivation, propagation of medicinal plants available and  conservation of  the  rare and  endangered  medicinal  plants  in Herbal  Gardens, the State pharamacies are manufacturing  quality medicines through Govt. Ayurvedic Pharmacies as well as by the Ayurvedic Pharmacies  in private  sector with special focus on quality. Besides, the department is playing a pivotal role in encouraging research activities besides conducting farmers training programme and other allied activities in the field of Ayurveda.

As of today, 23 Ayurveda hospitals besides two regional Ayurvedis hospitals are catering to the research, education and health care need of the people, besides BAMS courses to the students.

Rajiv Gandhi Government post graduate Ayurvedic college, Paprola is recognized as one of the top Post Graduate Ayurvedic College of the country and is among the 10 leading Ayurvedic Institutions of the country. The college has attained International stature by admitting 3 (three) International students under scheme of Indian council for cultural Relations (ICCR) and by signing MOU with Bastyr University USA under which the Ayurveda students of that University are visiting this college for training.

Department of AYUSH, Government of India has sanctioned a prestigious centre '' Regional Centre of Excellence in Geriatric Health Care'' in its campus with a financial assistance of five crores and The State Government has acquired 36 Kanals of land adjoining the college for expansion of campus.

The 215 Beded Rajiv Gandhi Government Ayuredic Hospital is attached Hospital of college. The faculty of college is part and parcel of various committees of Department of Ayush, Government of India in planning various activities.

Nearly one lakh OPD and 6000 IPD Patients are being benefitted by this Hospital annually. The college Hospital has specialist services of causality, Labour Room, Operation Theatre with C-Arm, Panchkarma, Ksharsutra, Immunization besides Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Shalakaya, AsthiSandhi, Prasuti Tantra Stree Roga, Bal-Roga, Netra Roga, Dant Roga, Mukh Nasa- Karan Roga, Swasthvritta and Yoga etc.

As a step towards strengthening the Ayurveda system, the State Government has decided to increase admission strength of BAMS from existing 50 to 60 seats from admission year 2015-16 after approval of Government of India.

Teaching Posts of Senior Lecturers and stipend of Group-II and all India Quota of P.G. Students has been restored. Part time employees of College and Hospital have been regularized and all eligible teaching faculties have been promoted.

The Department of Ayurveda launched a programme for the promotion and conservation of the herbal wealth by setting up herbal gardens in the different Agro-climatic zones. Presently the many Herbal Gardens have been established in the different agro climatic zones in the State which includes Herbal Gardens at Jogindernagar, Neri (Hamirpur), Dhumrera (Rohroo) in Shimla district and Jungal Thalera in Bilaspur district.

With a view to  indentify genuine species of the medicinal plants of the respective agro climatic zones, another objective  of the State Government is to develop agro-techniques of medicinal plants for making cultivation of medicinal plants to supplement the income of the


people of the State. Besides, awareness is being created among the people on the various aspects of the medicinal plants.

Ayurvedic Specialized Treatment-Panchkarma is one of the unique therapeutic procedures in Ayurveda advocated for the radical elimination of these causing factors, vitiated doshas, leading to normal health. The Panchkarma Therapy has been made available at Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Ayurvedic Hospital, Paprola, District Ayurvedic Hospital Bilaspur and in District Ayurvedic Hospital, Dharmshala District Kangra in the State.

All these concerted efforts of the state government have helped providing quality basic health services up to the rural and far-flung areas of the state.