Exiled Tibetan Government donates 5 Lac towards Jammu & Kashmir Flood Relief

Apr 03, 2015 17:41 | Tibet News

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharrma ) April 3, 2015:The Kashag (Tibetan Parliament in Dharamsala ) has announced that “the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) will provide 5 Lac Rupees towards assistance to flood victims in Jammu & Kashmir. This aid effort will be facilitated by the CTA’s Department of Home.”

It may be recalled that Jammu & Kashmir faced unprecedented flood deluge last year. It caused unimaginable damage to life and property.


The current situation in the state is also of much concern to the people of state. Continuous rainfall has led to flooding and landslide in some areas. Hundreds have been evacuated from the affected areas.