B.B. Bahl President, Chandigarh Congress Committee joins INTUC celebrations

May 02, 2011 9:57 | Chandigarh

B.B. Bahl  President, Chandigarh Congress Committee joins INTUC celebrations   on account of International Labour day. He participates in the celebrations and address the union members and labour community that the Indian Government and congress is always for the support of the poor and needy people. He appreciates the efforts put by INTUC in the short notice period and the event’s motive. Shri Ram Pal Sharma- sr. congress leader and Shri Suresh Sharma-National Secretary INTUC also joins him during this occasion.  INTUC The Indian National Trade Union Congress distributes free food (lunger) for about 3000 poor people and labour on 1st May, 2011 at Labour chowk, Sector 44-C. As per the instructions of the National Vice President, Jagdish Sharma the new INTUC members of both Punjab and Chandigarh jointly organizes this event. Sital Dass Katru- Chandigarh state President, Jagdish Singh Gill- Punjab State President, Arun Malhotra-General Secretary, B M Kohli-Vice President, Krishna Murthy-Press Secretary, C.L.Pawar-Legal Advisor and others monitors this program. Katru and Gill says that it is very important occasion and on this precious day INTUC wants to greet and support the labour by offering them good food to their families. INTUC’s motive is to support the labour unions and members and protect them from the exploitation in the society. It is also an important need to recognize their contribution in the society. To form a strong nation, the labour unions contribution has always been prised and it cannot be neglected. They also assure their best support all the time to the labour communities in facing their Day to day problems and contractual issues.  The labour union present Rajinder Singh and others  have strongly supported and appreciated the efforts of INTUC on the International Labour Day.