Chandigarh Police laid down Special City Seal Nakas to keep people safe

Jul 16, 2015 17:41 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh, July 16 Thursday. (Kulbir Singh Kalsi):-To keep the city peaceful & secure, Chandigarh Police laid down Special City Seal Nakas on 16.07.2015 from 02 PM to 5 PM, to keep check on the suspicious activities of the anti social elements. Total 106 Nakas comprising 38 outer and 68 internal Nakas were placed in the different areas of the city. The exercise was done under the close supervision of SP/Head Quarters & Operations. For this purpose, about 800 Police Personnel including 05 DSPs, 20 Inspectors, All SHOs and I/C PPs, 560 NGOs & ORs, 51 PCR vehicles and 22 Cheetah Squad (Motor Cycles) were deployed at these Nakas.

To check the efficiency and alertness of the police officials at naka, a car and 2 motorcycles were sent in the field to cross check the working. During this exercise, total 8747 vehicles were checked, in which 342 were challaned for traffic violations and 47 vehicles were impounded. Such exercise will also remain continue in future.