Its BJP who distributed CD in State: Sudhir Sharma

Sep 02, 2015 20:39 | Poltics

Vishal Sood: Shimla:2nd September 2015: In a press statement to the media today the urban development and housing minister Sudhir Sharma said that it is not Virbhader Singh but the CD episode was done by the BJP to malign the state politicians.

Countering false allegations pertaining to the infamous compact disc (CD) episode against chief minister Virbhadra Singh as alleged by Prem Kumar Dhumal, former chief minister in a recently held press conference, urban development and housing minister Sudhir Sharma said that Dhumal was presenting ‘cock-and-bull’ story before the people of the state as everyone was well aware that it was Prem Kumar Dhumal on whose behest the CD distributed was to the media as he had realized that he could be the biggest beneficiary.

It is a fact that the CD was released to media in press conference at Dharamsala in 2007 by Vijay Singh Mankotia but it was the BJP leaders who got it distributed in every polling booth of Hamirpur parliamentary constituency, which fell vacant on suspension of BJP MP Suresh Chandel in ‘cash-for-query’ scam.

Surprisingly, today Dhumal was blaming Mankotia of initiating session trial against Virbhadra Singh, but the truth is that when Dhumal addressed a press conference in Hamirpur and briefed the media, within 15 minutes after that the CD was distributed in each and every booth of the constituency undergoing by-elections and was played by the BJP in all the booths, fearing tough fight to Prem Kumar Dhumal by congress candidate, he alleged.

The minister said that now Dhumal was trying to justifying the false claims which can’t be justified at all and was playing petty politics which does not behove to him.

He said that Prem Kumar Dhumal during his regime as chief minister had distinction of filing cases against Virbhadra Singh twice who faced session trial at both the time came out clean. Today, Dhumal was issuing statements that he did nothing against Virbhadra reflects his venomous attitude towards his opponents.

It was habit of the BJP to blame others for their misdeeds and mere pettiness on the part of Prem Kumar Dhumal who is overpowered by his selfish motives and to achieve the same, has always ignored the interest and welfare of the people of the State, asserted the Minister.

The minister also urged the media to be cautious before publishing any statement against Virbhadra singh and to confirm and verify  the same before publishing.

He said that Dhumal was now pretending to show his concern for protecting the rights of small and marginal farmers, forgetting, that when the issue was being discussed in the house the opposition was busy sloganeering and gave a deaf ear to the resolution being passed to provide relief to small and marginal famers on the encroachments issue. This shows how serious were the BJP leaders about the interest of the farmers he stated.

One should only talk of the things for which one is committed for and not firing salvos in the air for justifying the false claims, the minister said.