TVS Racing bags top accolades at the FMSCI-2015 award ceremony

Mar 01, 2016 17:05 | Chandigarh

Chandigarh, March 1, 2016 (kulbir singh kalsi):-TVS Racing team had a very successful year and won eight championships across all forms of two-wheeler motorsport events Supercross , Rallies and Road racing  The winners were honoured at the annual award ceremony organised here by FMSCI.. TVS riders KP Aravind won three championships this year while other riders, K Jagan, Abdul Wahid, Rugved Barguje, Yuva Kumar and Syed Asif Ali won one championship each.


TVS Motor Company ltd won a special award for the support and promotion of  motorsports in India and the award for National Champion manufacturer of the year for Group B 165cc. In addition to this TVS Racing team won an award for the championship winning in Group B 165cc class riding Apache RTR165 The list of championships won by the TVS Racing team is appended below for reference with the details of the recipient.


MRF Mogrip FMSCI National supercross Championship 2015

§  Group A  - Foreign motorcycles upto 500cc 4 stroke riding RTR 300 FX (Rider: K.P Aravind)

§  Group B – Indian Motorcycles upto 260cc 4 stroke riding Apache RTR 180 (Rider: K.P Aravind)

§  Group C – Indian motorcycles  upto 260cc 4 stroke riding Apache RTR 180 (Rider: Abdul Wahid)

§  Group A – Foreign motorcycles upto 250cc 4 stroke riding RTR 250 FX (Rider: Rugved Barguje)

MRF Mogrip FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship 2015


§  Group A  - Foreign motorcycles upto 600cc 4 stroke riding RTR 450 FX (Rider: K.P Aravind)

§  Group B – Indian Motorcycles upto 260cc 4 stroke riding Apache RTR 180 (Rider: Yuva Kumar)

§  Group B – Indian Scooters upto 160cc 4 stroke riding Wego (Rider: Syed Asif Ali)


 MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2015


§  Group B – Indian Motorcycles upto 165cc 4 stroke riding Apache RTR 160 (Rider: K. Jagan)

Despite stiff competition across various categories power packed performance by the TVS Racing team helped them win. The passion for perfection coupled with valuable data, design inputs, development of reliable motorcycle models, excellent vehicle dynamics & handling etc. made the team victorious this year.


Arvind Pangaonkar, Head of Team TVS Racing said, “Intense technological inputs and efforts by our riders and engineers have helped us increase the engine performance and reliability. With consistent efforts we have been able to work on a superior class chassis design to provide a machine that can hold its own among the world's best. We look forward to the next session to take on tougher challenges and emerge stronger than ever.”