7 trekkers from Delhi stuck in remote Kangra area

Jun 02, 2016 17:06 | CrimeMishappenings

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma )

9 trekkers belonging to Income tax deptt Delhi , who were struck in the Bara Bhangal area of Kangra shall be air lifted tomarrow as per the district authorities in Dharamshala .

Ritesh Chouhan deputy commissioner Kangra at  Dharamshala   said on Thursday , “  9 trekkers belonging to Income tax deptt have reached Bara bhangal from Manali. 3 of them are injured but not seriously. Besides this, there has been representation from locals that due to damaged condition of the path it is very difficult for old and infirm folks to cross. Accordingly, a flight was scheduled for today which attempted to land there but couldn't due to bad weather. A try shall be made tomorrow .”

Earlier it was reported in the press that a  team of seven trekkers--officials of the IT department, Delhi--have been stuck in the remote Bara Bhangal area of Kangra.

The trekkers started from Manali and three of them were injured while passing the Thumbsar Pass. They, however, managed to reach Bara Bhangal village.

The administration is reportedly sending a helicopter to pick up the trekkers. Efforts are being made to bring the trapped trekkers to Palampur.