Bapu Aasa Ram preaches devotees at Nahan

Jun 03, 2011 21:20 | Poltics

S.P.Jerath:Nahan:- In his elucidation to the thousands devotees at Nahan  Chaugan ground today Sant Bapu Aasa Ram Said that this soul could be pured by attending  the society of pious men. He was here today on request of his followers stationed in Sirmour district and all arrangement for his visit were done by followers.

He said that those adopted “Guru Mantra” always enjoyed all facilities. He said that Guru Mantra had all powers which could face any problem of life. He said that it was most strange that the present generation could not face the heat and cold of season. He said that the present generation had become so delicate which unable to bear heat but he who had crossed 72 years of life could still move under the hot sun. He said that parents must make their kids strong to fight with all kind of circumstances.
Bapu  Aasa Ram said that society of pious men of all over world had been contacted with him and the programmes arranged by him ay any place could be seen any part of the world.

It was the first programme of Bapu Asa Ram at Nahan in which more than
  5000 devotees participated. More than four hundred local people took consecration from Bapu on the occasion.