Remaining 5 HRTC employees leaders shall be reinstated soon : Bali

Jul 02, 2016 20:30 | Poltics

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma )

“T he rest of the dismissed Himachal Road Transport Corporation HRTC employees leaders shall also be reinstated after their case shall be put up in the next board of directors meeting ,” said Transport Minister Himachal GS Bali in a press brief in Dharamshala on Saturday . He said that these employees have also submitted the apology affidavits on 30th of June , and considering their families situation and to give them another chance , he has decided to restore these 5 employees.

Transport Minister GS Bali  said that the  Board of Directors of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation have already revoked the dismissal of 24 employees on humanitarian grounds as they had submitted affidavits saying they were forced to go on a strike on June 14.

At the meeting of the HRTC’s Board of Directors, Bali said they had decided to take back the employees, adding that their conduct would be observed.