Monkey menace in capital,time to curb it

Sep 02, 2016 13:03 | Feature & Viewpoint

Meenakshi Bhardwaj:Shimla: 2nd September 2015: Panic gripped when an elderly women coming from Kalibari mandir in Shimla was attack by a monkey. In an attack she received deep cuts on her right hand and bruises on her shoulder and other parts of her body.

Monkey menace is on rise in the capital. Government even announced Rs 300 for culling a single monkey. But so far this too has yield no result.

People in Shimla continue to live in panic and fear. Situation with children is worse. Sometimes they jumped from their place in panic and lost their lives. Monkeys have created havon in the lives of the state capital. The capital has higher number of monkey population and have abundant stories related to monkey menance and “encroaching and destroying” property and “robbing” people.


Time has come to take stringent action to curb all this. The number of monkeys in Himachal Pradesh is increased to five folds and at present the state is home to around 2 lacs monkey s. They not only put the life of the people in danger but also destroyed the plantation. The total loss of Rs500 corers is registered every year by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

The main reason of monkey menace is that they have adapted to the lifestyle of the city and easily getting the things to eat. In forests it takes around 14 hours to get the right thing to eat and in the urban area it just takes 10 minutes to get it. We can say that they have adapted to the urban way of life.