Star Chitrakaar to bring out the artist in underprivileged children*

Sep 03, 2016 16:05 | Chandigarh

City Psychologist-cum-Artist’s initiative to train and counsel children,parents from humble background*

Chandigarh, September 3, 2016 (kulbir singh kalsi):- In an effort to nurture the talent in underprivileged children, Anu Singh, a Chandigarh based artist today announced an initiative by the name of *Star Chitrakaar. *Singh who is a psychologist councillor by profession, and affiliated with American Psychology Association will not only be bringing out the talent in such children but will understand their psychology through their drawings and will offer free counselling to them.

Anu Singh, 35, has done a number of exhibitions across the country and abroad, with recent one held at Manhattan, US a few months back. A workshop was conducted today at Innov8, a co-working space for startups in Industrial Area Phase I here with over 50 children from NGO Aashray. The children belonging to underprivileged families who were provided with drawing material and were asked to draw and paint whatever they wanted to and were given lessons later after they had completed.

“I know there is so much talent in children, but somehow they do not get a chance to pursue it”, said Anu, while elaborating on her initiative. She said, “I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and talent in these children. *Star
Chitrakaar *is a small initiative just to encourage these children who are the bright stars around us, and just need a push and support to become the real stars in art. I would be holding such training workshops in other parts of the tricity as well at different venues and after a year plan to hold an exhibition of these children who can be stars if allowed to grow in the right direction.”

 “I have had no formal training in artwork but it was my passion to paint, which I am carrying on and will continue to do so. I am sure with support of *Star Chitrakaar *I will be able to produce some real artists. I would be roping in with NGOs for taking this initiative further and plan to have such workshops on a monthly basis initially and weekly later so that same set of children can be repeatedly trained and counselled”, she said.

“As a psychologist, it pains me when parents often come to me and they do not come out with the real problem. I ask the child to draw something and in small age, children draw what is there in their mind and that’s how
their psychology can be understood well”, said Anu, adding, along with children, their parents will also be a part of counselling through Star Chitrakaar.