Ranveer Gets Slapped 21 Times for Ude Dil Befikre

Nov 03, 2016 19:45 |

Chandigarh (kulbir singh kalsi):- Ranveer Singh has pulled off multiple stunts and stripped down to bare essentials, danced in strange places and also slapped a French policeman as Dharam in the Befikre trailer. But that’s not the only slapping that happens in this film.


For the title track Ude Dil Befikre, Ranveer actually got slapped 21 times! Sporting a sign around his neck for this scene, Ranveer looks down and out while people go around slapping him.


As always the method actor, Ranveer actually put his own touch of authenticity to achieve maximum effect for the scene. A source said, “For the scene, extras were to pretend slap him 21 times. Given that he always wants to get a shot pitch perfect, Ranveer actually told each extra to properly slap him; like hit him hard on his face! Which is why, his expressions looks down and out.”


Why on earth is Ranveer getting slapped 21 times in the film? We will find out soon