Congress never implemented its manifestos schemes

Jan 09, 2017 16:40 | Punjab

Jalalabad , January 9, 2017 (kulbir singh kalsi):-Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal today said there was no reason for Punjabis to believe anything written in the Congress manifesto released today because the party had never implemented any of its previous manifestos.

Addressing public gatherings at Mandi Roraan waali, HauzKhas, Verroke and Chak Aria wala of Jalalabad Constituency, the SAD president said "the Congress has come to represent a party of thugs who collect together on election eve only to befool and loot Punjabis. Whatever has been announced today will be consigned to the dust bin tomorrow".

Mr Badal reminded the people that the Congress and particularly its president Capt Amarinder Singh had never kept his word earlier and was not all expected to keep it now. He said earlier also Amarinder had promised in his manifesto of 2002 to retain the free power facility started by Badal Sahab for farmers but discontinued it immediately on coming to power. He said similarly all social welfare schemes had been stopped by Amarinder. "He is promising to provide Lakhs of jobs to youth but banned recruitment upon becoming chief minister".

The SAD president also took on AAP candidate Bhagwant Mann and castigated him for his cheap and vulgar comments which were aimed at spoiling the atmosphere in the constituency. He asked people to judge for themselves as to how a joker could provide them irrigation water or pave their roads and streets. "He is a comedian who works for money. Earlier during my parliamentary campaign in Faridkot he took Rs 4 lakh from me to sing my praises before I reached the stage". He said such comedians would lose their security deposit in Jalalabad.

The SAD president asked to judge the people in the fray themselves. Bhagwant Mann's nature is before you. The Congress has not been able to even select a candidate till now. "The SAD- BJP alliance represent all round progress and prosperity. Please vote for and ensure a resounding win for me so that this progress continues and Jalalabad becomes one of the most developed constituencies in Punjab"; he added.