Round the World for Charity

Jul 24, 2017 13:34 | Haryana

Rotarian Ravi Bansal flies solo for Rotary Cancer Hospital of Ambala

Chandigarh, 24 July Monday, 2017 (kulbir singh kalsi): A retired entrepreneur and a Rotarian from Buffalo, New York, USA, has undertaken a solo round-the-world flight in his Cessna400 aircraft, to raise fund for a Rotary Ambala Cancer and General Hospital.

Ravi Bansal, PhD a retired entrepreneur with a passion for flying and a wannabe drummer is the pilot/owner of this Cessna 400, who undertook this solo flight to bring awareness for cancer and raise $750,000 to buy an urgently needed MRI machine for Rotary Cancer and General Hospital in Ambala Cantt.,  

This mission for me is very personal as it not only is an adventure that I have been dreaming about for a while, but will also help bring awareness about cancer in the rural community around Ambala and get the hospital a needed MRI machine now, says Ravi.

Ravi belongs to Ambala and migrated to USA in  1970 and maintains close ties with his brother here.

Out of the $750,000 already 115 people from across the globe have contributed $80,898, he said.

He took off from Buffalo in New York, USA on 4th July 2017 and has flown  9257 nautical miles (17,144 kilometres) in 55 hours of flying time, stopping over at Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, England, France, Italy, Greece, Jordan, UAE, Oman, and touched down at Ahmedabad on 18th of July and touched down at Ambala Cantt Airforce station on 21st of July.  

Once he completes round-the-world trip, he will be the first Indian to have flown solo around the world.