The 29th meeting of the Task Force on Sino-Tibet Negotiations concluded in Dharamshala

Oct 11, 2017 12:20 | Tibet News

Dharamsala(Arvind Sharma) 11/10/17

 The 29th meeting of the Task Force on Sino-Tibet Negotiations was held in Dharamsala on 9-10 October, 2017. This meet was  chaired by Dr. Lobsang Sangay, President of the Central Tibetan Administration in exile at Dharamshala.

Tibetan government spokes person Jamphel Shonu said that the meeting was attended by 18 members of the Task Force including Dr Lobsang Sangay and 4 special invitees, They  had rigorous discussions on the recommendations made at the recently held Five-Fifty Forum: Shaping Tibet’s Political Future, in particular on the issue of negotiations to resolve the Tibetan issue.

He added, “While expressing continued commitment to the Middle Way Approach to resolve the long standing issue of Tibet and to negotiations between envoys of the Dalai Lama and the representatives of the Chinese leadership, Dr. Sangay heard suggestions, advice and way-forward strategy on future course of action in light of the upcoming 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.”

This  two-day Task Force meeting on the resumption of Sino-Tibetan dialogue was stared yesterday at Dharamshala to review future prospects on dialogue between envoys of the Dalai Lama and Chinese representatives.

Dr Lobsang Sangay accompanied by his colleagues in the 15th Kashag (Parliament ) presided over .

This was the 29th meeting of the Task Force on Negotiations since its formation in 1999. The last meeting of the TFN was held in July 2016 in Dharamshala.

The Task Force on Sino-Tibetan negotiation was constituted to help recommend policy matters and strategies to find a peaceful and mutually acceptable negotiated resolution to the issue of Tibet.