India-Palestine ties are moving forward: PM Modi

Feb 10, 2018 18:35 | Poltics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on his historic visit to Palestine and the two sides signed agreements worth around USD 50 million that includes setting up of a USD 30 million super speciality hospital.

PM Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to make an official visit to Palestine.

After their talks, Prime Minister Modi said he has assured President Abbas that India was committed to the Palestinian people’s interests and called for peace in the region.

“We know that it’s not easy, but we should keep striving because a lot is at stake,” he said in a joint press conference with President Abbas.

On his part, President Abbas acknowledged that the Indian leadership has always stood by peace in Palestine.

Abbas said Palestine was always ready to engage in negotiations to achieve its goal of an independent state. He asked India to facilitate the peace process with Israel.

“We rely on India’s role as an international voice of great standing and weigh through its historical role in the Non-Aligned Movement and in all international forum and its increasingly growing power on the strategic and economic levels, in a way that is conducive to just and desired peace in our region,” President Abbas said.

The two sides signed agreements worth USD 50 million. The agreement includes setting up of a super speciality hospital worth USD 30 million in Beit Sahur and construction of a centre for empowering women worth USD 5 million.

Three agreements in the education sector worth USD 5 million and for procurement of equipment and machinery for the National Printing Press in Ramallah were also signed.

Addressing a joint statement. PM Modi said that relations between India and Palestine have stood the test of time.

Palestine has always taken a top spot in our foreign policy, Modi added.

“People of Palestine have continuously shown exemplary courage in extremely tough times, in spite of the fact that there was an unstable environment. The way you moved forward in such a situation is praiseworthy, we appreciate it,” the Prime Minister said.

“India is aiding construction of an Institute of Diplomacy in Palestine. I am happy that we are moving forward with our developmental corporation during this visit,” Modi said after his bilateral meeting with Abbas.



( News courtsey RSTV)