Radio Kisan Divas 2018 was celebrated by AIR Dharamshala on 15th February 2018

Feb 15, 2018 18:14 | Feature & Viewpoint

Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma) 15/02/18

Radio Kisan Divas 2018 was celebrated by AIR Dharamshala on 15th February 2018. In which a special studio based debate was organized. The specialty of this questionnaire /quiz based programme was interchange of agriculture based knowledge and views. In this question based programme, groups were named after the variety of different crops, vegetables, fruits etc. like Rica Red (Apple), Snow ball (Cauliflower), Elahabadi (Guava) and in each group three-four progressive farmers / progressive farm women were included. This whole programme was managed by the Kisanvani In charge and Programme Head  Garinder C.Thakur.

Garinder C.Thakur said,”Quiz master for this programme was  Shashikanta Pathania, Agriculture Development Officer, from Deptt.Of Agriculture Dharamshala. This programme was compered and interlinked by very popular and renowned characters of Kisanvani Programme: KisanMitr andShanno Tai.”

 The programme was aired and broadcast over AIR, Dharamshala i.e. FM 103.4 MHz on the same date i,e, 15th February 2018 from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM in “Kisanvani ”  programme and from 7:10 PM to 7:40 PM in “ Mauja Grayen Diyan” Programme.