Dalai Lamas met and talk with foreigners visiting Dharamsala at the Main Tibetan Temple

Mar 05, 2018 15:50 | Tibet News

Dharamashala (Arvind Sharma) 05/03/18

Dalai Lama met over 600 people from more than 50 countries gathered here at Main Tibetan Temple in Dharamsala, India on March 5, 2018. After dozens of group photos Dalai lama gave a brief talk and then took questions from the audience.

Responding to a question on future of mankind, Dalai lama  explained that basic human nature is scientifically proven to be more compassionate, and therefore, is the basis of hope for a better, peaceful humanity.

“My number one commitment is to promote sense of oneness of entire 7 billion human being. We are same, physically, mentally and emotionally. Too much concern on nationality and religion is outdated,” Dalai lama  said.

He said that the 21st century can bring positive change if human beings started making effort through actions and not simply pray. “In order to bring change, we must make efforts now; not through prayers but actions. 21st century should be a century of dialogue. When we face different interest, potentially causing violence, we must solve through dialogue,” he said .

He further added  “On future of the humanity, I feel very much optimist. So I make some effort as my share as one of the 7 billion human being.”

Dalai lama  informed his audience that because of increased physical tiredness, he had to cancel his long distance travels. “Therefore people from far places, foreign countries, who have come here, it is my duty to meet them.”

He pointed out about the climate change and other common  global issues where  concept of national boundaries are absolutely irrelevant.“We must  work together for the benefit of the whole world, not just for one’s nation or religious group. We have common responsibility towards the wellbeing of entire human beings,” he said.

The meeting  which lasted for more than 100 minutes , dalai lama  mainly talked  about wellbeing of human beings, phyisical environment and emotional wellbeing.

When asked about this wonderful meet a Tibetan Gyatso Thupten said ,”His Holiness, the great 14th Dalaï Lama of Tibet is world spiritual sun, so it may shine all over the planet to bring enlightenment to all sentient being.”

B. Prindiville said ,” he's so gorgeous, tears come to my eyes when Dalai Lama  reaches out to hold hands in various photos and the lucky hand holders just burst into tears - he's a rock star.”

An old lady from  Canada said,” May you live a long life, Dalai Lama. Your inspirational words of Peace and Love goes beyond any religion.”