Give direct benefit transfer to farmers: Shanta Kumar

Jun 06, 2018 17:15 | Poltics

Give direct benefit transfer to farmers to stop their suicides and corruption in PDS:

Shanta Kumar wrote to PM


Dharamshala (Arvind Sharma)06/06/18


Ex food minister of India Shanta Kumar has requested PM Narender Modi to start giving Direct Income Support to Farmers of the country, so that they stop to choose the path of suicide. He said that farmers are so neglected that more than 3.50 lakh have committed suicide and such news are still pouring in daily. “It  is a matter of great concern,” he added.  Taking to media at Dharamshala ,the BJP MP from Kangra Shanta Kumar said, “Direct income support was one of the so many  recommendations made by  The High level Committee constituted by Modi government  for  re construction of FCI of which I (Shanta) was the chairman and reknowned agriculture scientist Ashok Gulati was a member .” Even the countries like America are benefiting its farmers in these ways.


Shanta said that the report was submitted in 2015 and was not implemented till date though the committee discussed it with the PM for 45 minutes and even PM . He said the committee will again meet the PM in next parliament session.

Shanta said,”The committee has suggested in its report for the basic changes in public distribution system PDS, which has high level corruption and is enjoying the lavish expenditure.   The PM too wants that the direct benefits must go in the bank accounts of beneficiaries. So if in PDS System , the direct benefit transfer is implemented ,the beneficiaries shall be  helped 100 percent.”


He said in his letter to PM  that in this way the corruption in PDS will vanish and farmers will get around Rs 30,000 crore per year . Similarly the fertilizer subsidy of around Rs 70,000 crore will too go it the accounts of beneficiaries.


Shanta said ,” I am happy that the government of Telengana has decided to give rs 8000/- per acre per year to farmers as per our report.” He said that many top countries of the world are of the view that one must give direct financial benefits to farmer to keep them attached to their work.

He said that the income of government and other sector employees have increased 120 t0 150 folds whereas farmer’s income has just increased 19 times in past 50 years. Shanta said that there are 80 percent farmers in the total number of poor in the country. “We must help our bread producer for the survival of the mankind,” said Kumar.

Kumar advocated that instead of giving help in kind to the farmers, it should be in cash and be sent direct to their accounts

He advocated that only state government should procure food grain for buffer stock and by this way FCI will become clean.


Shanta said that he has written a letter to PM to help farmers so that their suicides could be stopped. He said that though under the leadership and efforts of Modi ji ,many schemes were  launched to double  the income of the farmers , but its results will take time, and the farmers community needs help today.