Training Program on Climate Change at Dharamshala

Jun 27, 2018 17:00 | Weather

Dahramshala(Arvind Sharma)  27th June 2018

In order to enhance the quality of climate change reporting in media, the Centre for Media Studies (CMS) in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MoEFCC) and GIZ is organizing a three -day media workshops at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh from June 29th – July 1st 2018.


The workshop is aimed to orient journalists on climate change adaptation as well as local and state level initiatives along with interactive presentations by experts and field visits.


A similar workshop was organized last year in Shimla, Punjab, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.


Reporting about this workshop , Niti Sinha ,Executive CMS Advocacy said,

“In three -day media workshop senior thematic experts will present data about different aspects of climate change in the state and media experts will discuss challenges of communicating climate change related issues to the public through media. The programme is based on felt need for capacity development of journalists for climate change and sustainable development.”


“Inadequate or ill-informed coverage of climate change does not help in sensitizing people, policy makers and politicians. Clear and authentic media coverage on climate change mitigation and adaptation can help motivate people and communities to act,” said P N Vasanti, Director General, CMS.


“While Indian media has been covering climate change negotiations and other reports about Arctic meltdown or greenhouse gas emissions rise originating international agencies and sources, climate change science, policy and initiatives relating to mitigation and adaption at the national and state level do not find adequate space,” pointed out, Ashish Chaturvedi, Director, Climate Change at GIZ.