Great Khali is son of soil, his events should not be politicized: Minister

Jul 02, 2018 17:45 | Poltics

Youth Services and Sports Minister Govind Singh Thakur has condemned the few people for politicizing the WWE events of internationally renowned wrestler Great Khali scheduled to be held in Mandi and Solan. He said that Great Khali had approached the state government for organising WWE competition and since he is the son of the soil, the government considered his proposal and discussions were also held with the concerned departments.

He said that after discussion it was found that WWE is not a recognised sport and hence the government cannot provide financial assistance for this event. He clarified that the state government is not providing funds for these events and it is being organised by a company named Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

The Minister said that Great Khali has earned a name worldwide and the people of the state are proud of his achievements. Though the state government had earlier decided to sponsor his events at Mandi and Solan but later it was decided not to provide any financial support, however the administrative assistance would be provided at local level as per the requirement.

Govind Singh Thakur said that few people are trying to mislead this issue by politicizing it on the basis of old documents. The fact is that Khali is organising these events at his own level.