Daily Astro predictions April 7th, 2019

Apr 07, 2019 19:05 | Health & Religion



Your focus will be on emotional security.You also can try to do too much and insist on getting it done right now, which can cause undue stress. It’s a difficult period to just sit back and relax, especially if you’re prone to being this way normally.Wear beige for mental peace, your lucky no is 12.
You may want to spend more time sleeping, alone with our thoughts or daydreams. You will be highly intuitive and emotional, and our sense of boundaries can be off. Your sense of reallity will be foggy. Wear pink to increse positivity in your life, your lucky no is 32.
Your energy will allow you to do things you might never think of doing before and therefore get you moving forward. Bouncing ideas off of others can be positive now, as intellectual interaction is heightened .Wear sky blue to control your emotions your lucky no is 8.

 you will be ambitious yet practical, making necessary plans for the near future and setting up a sound structure to attain the success you desire so you can rise to the top. Your goals become the most important focus, and we can be laser-like.Wear silver to calm your mood swings your lucky no is 2.

There are no fences that can hold you in and no limit to how high you can fly. You will not like to be bothered with day-to-day duties, choosing fun and play over work and practical matters. Spontaneity will be  good, and overall, you are just looking for a good time. Wear pale yellow for better concentration your lucky no is 14.

You will feel everything with incredible passion and depth. This can lead to verve and spunk, or dark brooding and jealousy. No matter what, this isn’t a light-hearted day. You do not want to be limited by boundaries or barriers. Feeling emotional about your opinions or beliefs could also figure now . wear sparking green for inner peace, your lucky no is 15.


Your relationships are intertwined with your feelings, and you may be more prone to expressing your feelings with a partner, or they may be more apt to make you more emotional.You will be looking for more meaning in your life, and any activity that stirs your emotions attracts. Wear blue for love and romance, your lucky no is 5.
It’s duty first with this Moon transit. Coming up with solutions is easier, and your can work out your schedule, understanding what can be sacrificed and what can’t. Being of service is good now. You may pay more attention to physical appearance and attractiveness. Wear white to boost your charisma your lucky no is 3.

You will be more positive, have more energy, and just want to have fun. It’s a good period for romance, so if you’ve got your eye on someone, get your first date in now. If you’re attached, do something to rekindle that old flame. Wear cream to improve viberance and inner energy, your lucky no is 9.
 Watch for emotional outbursts if you’re prone to them. On the upside, it can tune you in to your own emotional needs, and help you get a better understanding of our emotional makeup, if only temporarily. Recreation, hobbies, romance, and anything that gives you pleasure is now more important to you than usual. Aovoid financial dealings. Wear sky blue to enhance your creativity your lucky no is 6.
Mental energy will be high, and if you’re normally an emotional person, this transit can make your emotions cloud your capacity for reason and logic. Words can wound you with ease if you’re too sensitive. Agoo day for the people in the fields of art especially writing.Wear off white for positive expression, your lucky no is 15.

How your self-esteem and your monetary status are linked may be clear to you now, and any changes that need to be made with that relationship can be done. Making a change in your value system could also be made at this time.Emotional communications could figure now. Wear Aqua for financial matters,your lucky no is 30.

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