Daily Astro predictions May 10th, 2019

May 09, 2019 19:00 | Health & Religion



You will feel strong attachments to your past, the place where you grew up, your heritage, and family traditions. In fact, you may be unable to step out of the habits and roles you learned as a child. Your performance at work may not meet expectations. Self-pity will make you gloomy and irritable. Wear white to check your mood swings your lucky no is 11.


You will gain through flattery charm and willingness, friends and siblings will be the source of happiness as you will have a good psychological insight into others. You can get invited to a social event which can make you self conscious.  Wear parrot green for socializing this will add charm in your personality your lucky no is 5.



You are likely to be a great collector of things – a real pack rat in fact – for your belongings give you a sense of security and continuity with the past, which is important to you. Antiques or things with sentimental value from your past will be especially dear to you. Avoid getting caught up in controversies as will be lack of understanding in relationships. Wear blue to remove all negative forces surrounding you, your lucky no is 26.



 You will need emotional stimulation, movement, and freedom to express yourself in order to feel happy and fulfilled. This is a perfect time to get in to physical labour but don’t over do. Nothing will seems too much and you are able to help those around you. Don’t over commit yourself. Wear yellow to balance your energy chakra your lucky no is 3.


Day indicates an emotional attachment and sensitivity to all that is ethereal, groundless, and eternal. Conflict between private and professional liabilities will test your abilities. Avoid getting side tracked and letting someone to spoil your mood, check your budget. Wear orange to enhance your charm your lucky no is 9.


Day indicates an emotional need for a feeling of belonging with, and support from, friends and associations with groups. You will look to acquaintances for support, and offer the same in return. An excellent day for the financial gain you can expect hike in you income. Wear jade green this will promote positivity around you your lucky no is 41.`



You will have an emotional need for recognition, popularity, acknowledgement, and achievement.  You may change your goals and ambitions, and/or your profession frequently in an attempt to find the perfect fit.  Your open approach will enable you to understand and identify with many different types of people or cultures. You feel very energetic and blessed. Wear violet for material comforts and luxuries your lucky no is 2.



There will be a deep longing for stimulation above and beyond the everyday routine. You will have a craving for things which are far away and foreign or for things you have never experienced before. Some religious inclination is also indicated. Wear yellow to improve your vibrancy and inner energy your lucky no is 12.



You will have a strong need for emotional security, you are also a person who is drawn to pushing your own limits, and many lifestyle changes can be the result of this need to challenge, or reinvent, yourself emotionally. A restless and irritable atmosphere will pervade avoid getting caught in controversies . Avoid financial dealings. Wear indigo to create positive Aura around you your lucky no is 14.



 You will be drawn to partnerships and prefer to have a companion for emotional support. Opportunities to socialize will put many choices in your path. A good period for joint ventures and the people involved in foreign trades This is a good period for travel as well. Wear grey to attain fame and success your lucky no is 15.



You will be in emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. A day when you will win through your will power. You will need a lot of variety on the job–to be stimulated and engaged in order to feel happy.  Investments will also turn out to be profitable. Wear Sea Green to attract fame and glory your lucky no is  32.



You will have a childlike openness and playfulness. You will not be able to hide your instinctive emotional reactions to people or situations, and you won’t  make any pretences about your personal sympathies or antipathies.  Your creative hobbies will be subjected to relatively frequent changes, and you may innate artistic talent Wear Green to balance your heart chakra your lucky no is 23.


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