Government endeavors to provide 188 time bound services in State

Jun 11, 2019 15:57 | Feature & Viewpoint

The Government is implementing the HP Public Service Guarantee Act 2011 more effectively. Under this Act, the citizens are being provided 188 time bound services under 27 departments in time bound manner in which nearly 13000 authorities are designated and are monitored by nodal officers at State and District levels so that public service becomes a reality for the people of State.
The departments covered under the Act for assured time bound services include Health, Forests, Panchayati Raj, Revenue, Industries, Irrigation and Public Health Department, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Social Justice and Empowerment Department, Home (Fire Services), MPP and Power, Urban Development, Town and Country Planning, Housing, Transport, Home and Health and many more so that major services could be covered. This act will ensure delivery of services to the people of Himachal Pradesh within stipulated time limit.
 Few of the services benefiting the people under this Act include grazing permit within 24 hours, mortgage permission within two weeks, action on online police complaints within 24 hours, birth, death and marriage registration within two days, BPL certificate within 24 hours, water connection within 30 days, identity card to senior citizens within three days, soil testing (Sample) within 60 days, water connection (domestic/commercial) within one month, Identity Cards to persons with disabilities within three days etc. Government has launched e-Registration portal to save people from tedious process of registration, standing in queues and paper forms to sign up. The detailed information regarding these services is available on the website of Administrative Reforms. 
This act also guarantees the delivery of services within stipulated time period and also has provision of laws for punishing of penalty up to five thousand rupees has been made in the Act for the officer responsible who failed to provide service or has caused delay in providing such service without sufficient and reasonable cause. This will improve the standards of governance and will provide society a strong foundation for good governance. These initiatives are comprehensive and ready for officers & citizens. It will help in increasing awareness about various entitlements of the citizens.
Secretary Administrative reforms Dr. Purnima Chauhan informed that Himachal Pradesh is ranked first among 12 small states in 2018. It is the first State to pioneer the District Good Governance Index for measuring governance performance on seven themes, eighteen focus subjects and one hundred indicators as a self evaluation mechanism. She said that we have also done indexing at District level and among all the districts Shimla has been ranked first in overall performance.
  Nearly 73 major services are being provided online through 9 web portals so that people from remote areas need not travel long distances to state or district headquarters for availing facilities and redressal of their grievances. Efforts are being made to provide services speedily to citizens without any delay. These initiatives are comprehensive and ready for officers & citizens and it will help in increasing awareness about various entitlements of the citizens. This will not only improve the standards of governance but will also provide society a strong foundation for good governance.
 CM Dashboard has also been being started for this purpose. Through this, the information regarding progress of various developmental schemes can be monitored effectively by Chief Minister himself at a glance. Various statistics of different departments will be published on Dashboard, which will provide 24x7 insights of all departmental activities. This Act will further strengthen the efforts of the State Government in accelerating the pace of development by providing  services to the public