People across India shows its solidarity with PM, lights lamps at 9 PM

Apr 05, 2020 22:15 | Poltics

Palampur: Sunita Soni:5 April 20,

People across India has shown its solidarity with PM Narender Modi. At 9 PM today across nation people lights 9 lamps and gathered to overcome epidemic Covid 19. They even chant devotional songs.

HP CM Jairam Thakur also lights lamps and participated in this. Also news are coming from the various parts of the state of people chanting devotional songs and have participated in this affair. 

Modi had on Friday urged people to turn off lights at their homes for nine minutes at 9 pm to display the country's collective resolve and solidarity to defeat the virus.

This is the second time Prime Minister Modi has sought to rally people amid the ongoing lockdown to combat the pandemic. People have supported the PM in fighting against this epidemic and have faith to fight it out.