Congress secured Mayor deputy mayor post of Solan MC

Apr 16, 2021 16:17 | Poltics

Congress has secured the Mayor and Deputy Mayor post of Solan MC today. 

BJP has played the move by putting the name of an independent candidate Manish Kumar for the post but Congress well placed move  backfired this and they captured both the posts. 


Congress candidates Punam Grover and Rajiv Kaura were respectively elected Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the maiden Solan municipal corporation polls held on Friday.


Grover had defeated BJP's former municipal council president Pawan Gupta.


The Congress candidates polled nine votes as against eight polled by BJP nominees Manish Kumar and Shailender Gupta, respectively, for the mayor and deputy mayor's posts.


BJP tried hard to get the MC under their rule but the infighting with in the BJP कार्ड has caused them dearly. Under the leadership of Dr Bindal they couldn't able gain the momentum and this caused them heavily. The cader also lost the confidence and now the time has come for the BJP leadership to decide the fate of Dr Bindal and takes the concreat steps .This will help the party to regain the confidence. 


For these elections Congress has shown its faith in their versatile leader Rajender Rana who is the present MLA from sujanpur, and who toiled day and night and get the cader along. He along with Rakesh Pathania, local MLA DR Shandil and others have made this victory possible and also kept all the elected councellers at a secluded place near Shimla and this made the MC elections victory possible. 


Now Congress has emerged stronger with this victory and all eyes are on the leadership of Congress party to know about the role which they will be giving to Rajender Rana.