HP police arrested 10 tourist for creating nuisance near Atal Tunnel, conditions now back to normal

Dec 27, 2020 20:25 | CrimeMishappenings

The Himachal Pradesh Police has arrested 10 tourists and seized three vehicles for obstructing traffic inside Atal Tunnel in Rohtang The tourists stopped their vehicles inside the tunnel, played music and started dancing which led to a traffic jam.

Tourist created the nuisance in the area and started playing the music and taking the alchoal in the open.

People should understand that this is the sensitive zone and they should avoid doing any such thing which creates problems to the others.

At present the condition is in control and police has normalise the conditions and tunnel is open.

Over 5000 vehicles crosses Atal Tunnel Rohtang on Sunday

The State Police has made elaborate arrangements to ensure smooth traffic flow from Manali onwards up to Lahaul Spiti district keeping in view the large number of tourists visiting Atal Tunnel Rohtang.

Director General of Police Sanjay Kundu informed here today that the State Police was managing the bumper traffic in an excellent manner and it was being ensured that the tourists visiting this tourists place from various parts of the country did not face any inconvenience.

He said that on Sunday, more than five thousand vehicles crossed the Atal Tunnel Rohtang from both ends, which was the highest traffic till date. He added that total inflow to Lahaul was registered as 2800 vehicles while total outflow from Lahaul remained 2650. Moreover, around 200 vehicles were still in Sissu helipad parking area.

Sanjay Kundu said that Atal Tunnel Rohtang had become a major tourist destination of the country in a very short period of time. The tourists were preferring to visit the beautiful snow bound valley of Lahual and they were particularly interested to see Rohtang Tunnel. He said that the police department had made special arrangements to ensuring smooth traffic flow from both sides of the tunnel.