Why Indians draw Rangoli in front of their houses,

Apr 30, 2021 8:25 | Feature & Viewpoint

Scientific Reason: Why do most of the Indians draw Rangoli in front of their houses, 


There is a separate field of science called Cymatics which deals with the relationship between vibrations and the geometric patterns corresponding to it.



The Cymatic patterns look nothing like the rangoli patterns.



Rangoli is not just an art but actually a science of vibration pattern which was discovered by Indians thousands of years ago and been made a part of the culture for spiritual, aesthetic & scientific purposes. The reason a rangoli is drawn at the entrance of a house is because of its calming effect on a visitor who is just about to enter into the house. It manifests into vibrations (brainwaves) in the visitor’s mind, putting him at ease, making him comfortable and happy.



Other reason is in ancient times , our ancestor used make rangoli with rice flours in front of house so that ants and other insects eat and will use stay outside the house and do not enter house(reports say ants die after eating rice) so other creatures like snakes, lizards, frogs etc never get into the house…