The Science Behind wearing Janaeu by Bhramins

May 01, 2021 10:20 | Feature & Viewpoint

(The sacred white thread also known as Janaeu is a thin cord)
It was donned by Brahmin boys after they reach the age of 12. It is called Upanayan Sanskar and is the 10th Sanskaar of the Santana Dharma.

 Janeu is worn on the left shoulder which means shouldering the burdens of life with tolerance. It runs over the heart indicating a life of faith and determination. It touches the back which is the symbol of commitment. Thus, symbolically janeu enjoins a man to a life of commitment, courage, determination, faith, patience and tolerance.

Young unmarried boys wear sacred threads with 3 strands. The married men wear sacred threads with 6 strands. And men whose parents are no longer alive wear threads with 9 strands.

It is required to tie Janeu into your right ear (3 fold) before attending nature’s call. It is because a blood vessel named LOHITIKA is pressed which helps in easy release of urine and soil. Not only this but it also reduces the risk of diseases related to stomach. It is believed that 90 % of problem starts from stomach only. If a Janeu is tied on one’s ears it helps increases one’s memory and also helps in preventing constipation.