Why are women not allowed inside Shani Shinganapur?

Dec 27, 2020 20:13 | Health & Religion

It was scientifically proved that planets in our solar system have an impact on humans

SHANI is a planet called Saturn. Some temples and places on the earth having certain energy vibrations  comparatively very high with other places due to energies of planets, these energies may causes internal problems to women during her pregnancy time, may effect on her menstrual cycle. 

It effect more on women comparing to men. Now a days Men and women may have equal rights, but both are biologically and physically different in nature, we have to accept this, it has never been said not pray Shani Devata. 

But said, not enter into main Santorum for women's safety. 

But today some highly educated women misconceptulise certain factors and making protests for entering certain temples