Himachal Pradesh Top trending News

Himachal Pradesh Top trending News

Himachal Pradesh Top trending News

1. CM Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu Stresses Importance of Upholding Democracy: Chief Minister Sukhwindar Singh Sukhu emphasized the paramount importance of safeguarding democracy during an informal conversation with journalists in Dharamshala on Sunday. He mentioned that the Pradesh Congress, along with the Congress High Command, is conducting surveys at their respective levels. Sukhu himself visited Dharamshala on Sunday for a survey. Names for the upcoming Dharamshala by-elections are currently being surveyed, and selections for Lok Sabha candidates are underway, with announcements expected soon.

2. BJP to Witness Candidate Changes, Internal Discontent Brewing: Deputy Chief Minister Mukesh Agnihotri stated that the BJP would witness several candidate changes in the coming days. Addressing a press conference in Una, Agnihotri mentioned that discontent is brewing within the BJP. There is restlessness in the cadre, and the party is agitated about giving tickets to Congress deserters. Agnihotri predicted that this discontent would erupt soon.


3. Jairam Thakur Condemns Assault on College Student, Criticizes Law and Order**: Former Chief Minister and opposition leader Jairam Thakur criticized the law and order situation in Himachal Pradesh while condemning the assault on a college student in Palampur. Thakur highlighted that during the Congress era, law and order in the state deteriorated significantly. The incident of the assault on the college student has shaken the entire state.


4. Vigilance Catches ASI of Haroli Police Station Accepting Bribe of ₹3000: The Vigilance Bureau caught an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) of the Haroli Police Station red-handed while accepting a bribe. According to sources, the Vigilance team acted on complaints from two parties, and the police officer was performing duties as the Investigating Officer.



5. Alleged Assailant Attacks Woman with Sharp Weapon at Palampur Bus Stand: An alleged assailant attacked a woman with a sharp weapon at the Palampur bus stand. The assailant got angry when the woman refused to talk to him and attacked her. The man and the woman had known each other for the past 5-6 years and were acquaintances, often communicating on social media. However, the woman had stopped communicating with the man recently, both in person and on social media.


6. Congress Appoints Supervisors for all 17 Assembly Segments in Mandi Parliamentary Constituency: The Congress party has appointed supervisors for all 17 Assembly segments in the Mandi parliamentary constituency for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. It has been clarified that all supervisors, including those for critical polling stations, will report daily to Sanjay Dutt, appointed by the Congress High Command.


7. HPCA Officials Offer Prayers at Indrunag Temple for Successful IPL Matches: Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association (HPCA) officials offered special prayers at the Indrunag Temple in Khaniyara for the successful organization of IPL matches scheduled in May at the International Cricket Stadium in Dharamshala.



8. Public Outraged Over Assault on Woman in Dharot, Holds Demonstration Outside Police Station: The incident of a woman being attacked with a sharp weapon has infuriated the public. Consequently, not only did the villagers and relatives of the victim gather at Palampur, but also several members of the All India Students Association and others expressed their anger. The situation escalated to the point where the police were awaiting the dispersal of the crowd to take the accused to court.


9. Fire Breaks Out at Two Industries Near Badhe in Bilawali, Causing Loss of ₹50 Lakhs: A fire broke out simultaneously at two industries near Bilawali village in Badhe. The fire caused a loss of ₹50 lakhs to both industries. The Fire Brigade arrived at the scene promptly and prevented a major catastrophe. The incident occurred early Sunday morning.



10. Police Arrest Youth and Woman in Hotel Based on Confidential Tip Regarding Heroin Smuggling: Police arrested a youth and a woman on charges of heroin trafficking in Kandaghat. SP Gaurav Singh revealed that a special team received information that a youth and a woman were staying at a hotel in Kandaghat. Both were allegedly involved in illegal heroin transactions.


11. Approach Road to DC Residence via Kotwali to be Closed Until May 2: The approach road to the appropriate residence from Kotwali Bazaar, leading to the DC Residence, will remain fully closed for all types of traffic until May 2, 2024, due to maintenance work on the Kali Mata Temple route. During this period, the Bai Pass Road will be used to reach McLeod Ganj, and the Khada Danda Road will be used to travel from McLeod Ganj to Dharamshala.


12. Ensure Strong Network Connectivity at All Polling Stations, Orders Himachal Pradesh’s Deputy Commissioner: Himachal Pradesh’s Deputy Commissioner Amarjeet Singh instructed BSNL and other service providers offering mobile internet services to maintain a strong network connection at all 532 polling stations in the district. He emphasized the importance of ensuring smooth connectivity to avoid any inconvenience to the duty-assigned officials and staff on the polling day. During a meeting with BSNL and other company officials on Friday, Singh issued these directives. He also stated that as per the Election Commission’s instructions, webcasting of the election process would be conducted in at least 50% of the polling stations, including all critical ones, in the district. This means that webcasting will be conducted from 266 out of the total 532 polling stations in the five assembly segments of the district on polling day. Additionally, every polling booth’s presiding officer will send a report every 2 hours. If there are any issues during the polling process, the presiding officer will have to contact the sector officer, election officer, or assistant election officer. The Deputy Commissioner emphasized that all relevant service providers should ensure that they are fully prepared for these processes.

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