70 ambulances being used to collect Covid-19 samples in the State

A spokesperson of Health Department said here today that the fundamental principle to counter any infectious pandemic is to detect, isolate, treat and manage cases early and prevent the occurrence of new cases. Prevention is the best strategy, which revolves around testing.


 He said that the facility of doorstep collection of Covid-19 samples in the Government sector is already being provided by as many as 70 ambulances in the State. He said that the facility of home sampling through private sector shall further ensure increased access to tests especially for high risk groups, that need it the most, like elderly and comorbid patients, for whom it is difficult to reach the hospitals.


He said that the samples collected at private hospital and their designated collection centers for Rapid Antigen Testing shall be a maximum of Rs. 300 and if the samples of the same are collected through home visits in private sector than that may be charged with maximum of Rs. 550.