Amarinder favouring Cong MLAs with jobs to dilute dissidence,

Amarinder favouring Cong MLAs with jobs to dilute dissidence,

Failed miserably to fulfil election manifesto promise of job to each family: Chugh

Chandigarh, June 19:

BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh said here today that Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has been giving jobs to the kins of the Congress MLAs to keep his flock together in the face of fierce dissidence in the party.

In a statement, Chugh said it was highly immoral to give jobs to the kins of the Congress MLAs in the name of militancy after 35 years at a stage when lakhs of young Punjabis have been looking for jobs.

He said Amarinder had completely failed to keep his promise made in the election manifesto that he would give the job to each family in the state. "Instead, now he is making sure that family members of each Congress MLA get a job which is highly condemnable and immoral", Chugh said.

He said if the Congress government was really sincere to help militancy-affected families that Amarinder should have given jobs to 34,000 families that lost their kith and kin in the blood-soaked years of militancy.

"But the chief minister has no feeling or sentiment for those families which suffered during militancy. His only concern is to grant favours to the Congress MLAs so that his seat as a chief minister remains safe,", Chugh said.

Chugh lambasted the chief minister for making a false promise in the last election manifesto of providing job to each family in the state and said that after failing miserably in keeping the election promise the chief minister has focussed to favour only the Congress MLA families which is not only unfortunate for the state but also reflected poorly on the governance of the Congress government.