CPI(M) protested against inflation at Dharamsala

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CPI(M) protested against inflation at Dharamsala

Dharamsala (Arvind Sharma) 30/6/21


On the call of the Left parties, the District Committee of the Marxist Communist Party demonstrated against price rise in Dharamsala on Wednesday. A rally was taken out from the Post Office to Kachari Adda in lower Dharamsala. Addressing the rally, Ravindra Kumar a Marxist leader said that inflation is touching the sky height in the country. He said that according to a report the means of income of 97 percent of the people have reduced  during the Corona period.


“In such a situation, the government should have given 10 kg ration per person to all the people. The facility of cheap ration should have been provided in the depot. At this time, these jobless people should have been given a monthly economic allowance of Rs. 75 hundred. But on the other hand, the government has imposed heavy inflation on the people. Since May, there has been a 24 times increase in the prices of petrol and diesel,``said the Marxist leader.



He said that despite the fall in the prices of crude oil at the international level, its prices in the country have increased drastically. Food items have become out of reach of the common man. There has been a huge increase in the prices of edible oil, onions, pulses and other commodities in the market and ration depots. The price of LPG has gone up tremendously. This inflation is at its peak due to the capitalist policies of the state and central government. Therefore, the CPI(M) demands that the Essential Commodities Act be reinstated. The increase in the prices of cheap ration in the depot should be withdrawn.