Do not take expert advice from Google for skin care - Himanshi Khurana

Advanced skin clinics now have state-of-the-art facilities for beauty - Dr. Sukhsagar
Chandigarh August 31, 2021(kulbir singh kalsi):  After playing a tremendous innings in Bigg Boss, Himanshi Khurana is going to make a great comaback on the work front. Speaking on the importance of maintaining a proper skin care regime, Himanshi shares, "The quest for a youthful and flawless skin is never ending." She adds, "whenever someone faces an issue related to skin, they look for some gigs or tips on google or take advice of friends and consequently adopt the remedies which never work. Hence, it becomes really important to take an expert's advice. This should be done after complete discussion of the history of our disease. Only after this, solution should be sought.
Addressing Dr. Sukh Sagar of Sector 8, Chandigarh as her family member, Himanshi told The Tribune how she had been seeking Dr. Sagar's advice wherever she might be in the country in case she comes across any skin issue. Not only this, she also shares how Dr. Sagar takes care of medicine reactions and advices her certain skin care medicines only after considering her previous doses or other medicines. Condemning the trend of window shopping, she suggests to trust one qualified doctor and stick to his or her advice for skin care. She also encourages the role of exercise and drinking water for a healthy skin.
Talking about Aesthetic Skin Care, Dr Sukh Sagar said that nowadays with the help of advanced machines and their help, they are able to do a very effective treatment. During the launch of "Lumecca" by Inmode, Himanshi ensured young girls can rely upon Mr. Sagar's advice to enjoy evergreen glowing skin and uplift their confidence. 
Dr Sukh Sagar and Sameer of Inmod said that with the help of state-of-the-art machines, it has become possible to a great extent to keep the skin young forever.