Government's not seriousness for Kangra area is the concern: Major Vijay Singh Mankotia

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Government's not seriousness for Kangra area is the concern: Major Vijay Singh Mankotia

Ex MLA ,state mnister and senior congress leader Major Vijay Singh Mankotia has accused the state government of discrimination and not working for the welfare of the people of the Kangar District.

He said that this discremation done by BJP government will help the congress party to regain the power in the state.

Kangra is important to everyone and ignoring this area will prove fatal for this government.

He said that all the development works have come the standstill and there is crunch of funds .

He said because of “regional imbalances”, the Kangra district had suffered a lot in the past four years as the government had failed to award even a single major project for the lower hills. The focus of the Chief Minister remained on Mandi, particularly to his segment.

Addressing newspersons here, Mankotia said whenever the BJP was voted to power, Kangra was always discriminated against in the matter of development and failed to get its due. He said it was the Congress government that accorded the status of second capital to Dharamsala, started winter sojourn in lower hills and constructed the Vidhan Sabha complex, opened Tanda medical college and Central University at Dharamsala.

He said that in the Tanda medical college the medical facilities are still far away to the reach of the paitents and many infrastructure works are need to be addressed.

He said though the BJP in its election manifesto had resolved to eliminate the mining and drug mafia, these had flourished more during the regime. He said the state was losing crores of rupees daily because of large-scale mining.

The present scnerio is no one is listening to the present government and everything is in the shambles.