Haryana Police launched "Clean Haryana" campaign against all illegal activities- Home Minister

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Haryana Police launched "Clean Haryana" campaign against all illegal activities- Home Minister

Chandigarh, January 22- Haryana Home Minister, Sh. Anil Vij has directed the senior officers of Haryana Police to run a "Clean Haryana" campaign against all illegal activities under which the Haryana Police is now tightening the noose around those involved in the business of gambling, speculation, illicit liquor and drugs.

Sh. Vij said that under the "Clean Haryana" campaign, the Director General of Police would constitute three or four police teams at the headquarter level and random checks would be conducted in the area of every village, every police station in Haryana and the police station area where illegal business was found previously. If people involved in illegal activities are found, then action will be taken against the officers of that police station area. He said that after this the Director General of Police will prepare the report and send it to the Home Minister. He said that if even after being given instructions, people are found doing illegal business in the area of that police station then it will be the responsibility of the officers of that police station and after that the Home Minister will take a decision at his level and take further action.

To nab the criminals to maintain law and order in the state, a video conferencing meeting of senior officers of Haryana Police as well as all the officers of the state up to ACP and DSP level was organized under the chairmanship of Sh. Vij. The Home Minister said that Haryana Police must be taking action at its level, but now this action will have to be systematic and criminals will have to be taken to their rightful place.

Regarding criminals, Sh. Vij said that hardcore criminals have to be identified. Apart from this, gamblers, people involved in drug business as well as illicit liquor sellers are there in every city who work to disturb the law and order in the society. On this, he had given clear instructions to all the officers of Haryana Police that we have to work to stop all these illegal activities. He said that the money generated through illegal business leads to illegal arms acquisition and gangs are formed in the state, which spoils the law and order situation of the state. Sh. Vij had clearly directed the police officers to catch every person doing illegal business and illegal activities in every city, every village of Haryana.

Sh. Vij said that every citizen cannot be given one policeman; however the fear of the police should be instilled in the hearts and minds of criminals. He said that a crime-related portal would be prepared to prevent crime, after which every concerned police officer would be able to see the information of the crime case through the portal at his level and further action would also be taken by the concerned officer on that particular case.

He said that a total of 297 cases were registered in Haryana from January 1, 2022 to January 15, 2022, under which 323 people have been arrested for possession of illegal arms.

Similarly, the Home Minister said that a total of 5,682 raids were conducted by 1,038 police teams from January 11, 2022 to January 19, 2022 under the campaign against those involved in gambling, betting, drug dealing and illegal liquor. 2446 cases were registered and 2664 persons arrested. He said that cash amount of Rs 27,31,709 was recovered from these people and 64 pistols and 64 cartridges were also recovered. Similarly, 23,229 bottles of liquor were seized and 233.52 kg of ganja, 337.36 gm of smack and 2284.57 gm of heroin were seized. Apart from this, he informed that injection, needle, capsule, lahan, charas, opium, churapost, doda etc. have been recovered in different huge quantities from different districts of the state.

Home Minister, Sh. Anil Vij while appealing to the people of the state said that they should join the Haryana Police to make this "Clean Haryana" campaign successful and ensure full participation and inform the Haryana Police about the people involved in such illegal business hiding in the society and get them arrested so that a civilized society can be built.