Health facilities increased during second wave of Corona pandemic

A spokesperson of Health Department said here today that the second wave of Covid-19 is more lethal. It has been more than 15 months after the first case of Covid-19 was detected in Himachal Pradesh. Due to the timely measures taken by the State Government, on 23rd February, 2021 there were only around 200 active cases in the State. As many as 58403 positive cases and 982 deaths had been recorded in the State during first wave of the disease. In comparison, 125944 positive cases and 1935 deaths have been reported during the second wave till now.

 He said that the State has ensured to enhance the infrastructure and service delivery as per the need during this second wave. The Government has adequately increased its capacity of testing, isolating and treatment. A total of 1063922 tests were done in the first wave where as 800895 tests have been done till date during the second wave. The State has vaccinated 1877950 people of 45 plus age group, with at least first dose of Covishield.

The spokesperson said that the State has increased its Covid Care Facilities (DCH and DCHC). As on 1st March, 2021, there were 11 DCHC/DCH with 440 total patient beds and 32 ICU beds, which have been increases to 56 DCHC/DCH facilities, 3860 total patient beds and 291 ICU beds.