Heart Speak


Heart Speak Simpy Singh 

Manish Dhiman


Q: Describe yourself in three words?

     God's Favourite Child


Q: Describe a recent dream you had?

         I dreamt of working again with Imitiaz Ali. 


Q: What is the most comfortable attire for you?

         A cotton one piece dress with flats.


Q: A cartoon character that you always loved?

Pluto (I think that's why I am still a dog lover)


Q: As a child who was your 'Crush' on the silver screen or any actor you were crazy for?

     Undoubtedly Salman Khan. He reigns my heart and is still my crush.


Q: When at home, three things you love to do?

     Eat homemade food, Sleep and house party with family and close friends


Q: Your favourite holiday destination?



Q: Name two things you'd call comfort food?

       Fruit n veg salad and eggs


Q: Love for you is?

         A question mark as of now.


Q: Any book you would read again and again?

         You can heal ur life - Louis Hay


Q: What had been the most memorable moment for you that made you feel 'How Lucky I am'?

          It was when I received a call on behalf of Imtiaz Ali's team to work with him.


Q: As a child what you wanted become?



Q: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

           Have danced on almost all the favourite roundabouts and traffic lights of Chandigarh, standing in the middle of the road just to feel the breeze of city beautiful.


Q: What had been the most memorable 'Movie Character' that you would love to enact in front of mirror?

           Rani mukherjee - no one killed jessica. 


Q: If you are marooned on an island what would you like to have with you?

         Friends and Food .


Q: If you are given a chance to live someone else's life whom would it be?

         My momz. The patience and heart is awesome and the life lived is beautiful.


Q: What sort of a child you were at school?