No Covid norms, HP Police personnel forgot to wear mask

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No Covid norms, HP Police personnel forgot to wear mask

What do we say when some one is not following the guidelines of the government, and what do we say when the things are not happening from where it should be.

Yesteday senior police personnel in Shimla has forgot to wear mask when they were clicking the pics along with the Star actor Anupam Kher.

The smile at every ones face in the pic shows the joys feeling but  what they missed is that just few days back Corona has its last laugh and people across the country was struggling.

Police also has played a very vital role in making people aware and understand about the benefits of the mask and in this exercise HP police has also done a fantastic job.

They even have circulated their good work done with the public and take the pat on their shouldiers also.

But situation becomes problematic when some one at the high end is not following the SOP and children ask the questions.

but it's a concern to see people who aren't covering their faces in public.

Lets wear Mask , this is good for others health and important is,  it is good for your health too.